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Benifits to Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga gives you results up to 17x's faster then the asana based yoga practices. KY is easier to practice and everyone of every age can achieve wonderful results in their first class. KY uses angular postures/movements, which can be considered safer for  the joints. 

Kundalini Yoga consists of deep breathing (Pranayama) angular postures, body locks (Bhandas) chanting (Mantra) hand and finger movements (Mudras) and meditaion, which clears the sub conscious mind. All In all kundalini Yoga is meant to enhance the  nervous system, glandular system (the gaurdians of our health and wellbeing) clears one's mind, balances the energy centers (chakras) and builds spiritual strength and self esteem. The movements can be done fast and or slowly along with a breathing pattern, all depending on the yoga set  called kriyas, (Kriyas are movents in a spacific sequence to create a specific effect)


The system of angular movements, mediations, breath work and mantra provides extensive benifits for personal, spiritual growth as well as mental and physical well-being.


 The angular movenements stimualate the endocrine system, which will benifit you on a  physiological &  physical level. Here are just few of the healing benififts of the practice. Memory enhancement, stress related diseases, nerological issues, releases addictive behaviors, decreases depression, anxiety, phobia's. Stimualtes intuition, helps you to refine yourself by building self esteem. 

One of the main goals of a KY practice taught by a certified KY instructor is to raise the energy, mystically called Kundalini, medically called cerebral spinal fluid, from the base of our spine (1st chakra) to our crown (7th chakra). This brings an a level of consciousness that stimulates pure joy and love, pure knowledge, and allows you to feel your authenticity. This experience enhances your spiritual connection, which assists you in igniting, insight thus empowering you. This experience is just waiting within you to be awakened. Every person on the planet has a reservoir of Kundalnini energy, sitting at the base of their spine waiting to be awakened and raised upward to the crown. When raised you experience the natural  high that will bring you into consciousness, with this experience you begin to develop courage to make the changes in your life that you have been avoiding, such as fear of the change or the fear of being you. These irrational emotions cause depression, anxiety etc. This is one of the reasons why Kundalni yoga guides you into letting go of destructive behaviors and habits just to mention a few..

Your birth right is to live in a state of pure joy!

I hope this description inspired you to try this amazing yoga practice.

Please check out my weekly schedule along with my retreats, moon ceremonies  and monthly workshops, and online videos and video tutorials (video section)

Sat Nam May the sun shine upon you and your loved ones.


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