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Here are some photos of the beautiful modern center we will be retreating in.


Andalusia Spain Oct 20-28, 2022 

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Andalusia  is one of the pearls of Spain. You can feel the spiritual pull on this ancient land. Is it a perfect retreat to regroup, renew, and revive!!

The center we will  lodging at is at the foot hill of the Sierra Nevada the Iberian Peninsula. This is one of the highest mountains in Spain & minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.


Spain is known for its classic beauty and its simple elegance. Like many other countries in Europe, in Spain, you’ll find no shortage of decorative buildings lining cobblestone streets. On each building, cascades of colorful flowers pour out of window boxes. Even the alleyways are decorated with vibrant vases filled with fragrant flowers.

There is a certain allure to Spain that makes you want to leisurely roam and get lost in the scenic streets. And there is no better place to experience this beautiful simplicity than Spain’s enchanting pueblos blancos, or white villages. While even the larger cities in Spain have a relaxed atmosphere, true serenity awaits those who venture into the countryside, where most of the white villages in Spain are located. 

What are Pueblos Blancos? All about the famous white villages in Spain 

The pueblos blancos, or white villages in Spain, are mostly located in the region of Andalusia, which includes 8 provinces and is home to the popular cities of Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. But you’ll find plenty of pueblos blancos throughout other parts of the country, as well. These small hilltop villages are known for their simple white homes and businesses with red or tiled roofs.


Climb to the Zahara de la Sierra Castle

The first thing you’ll notice when approaching Zahara de la Sierra is the spectacular 13th century Nasrid castle perched at the very top of the rock. The entire complex includes the ruins of a former town (“Villa Arabe” or “Villa Medieval”), abandoned in the 17th century, and covers an impressive 6 hectares at the highest part of the town

Highlights of the Zahara de la Sierra castle are the Torre del Homenaje, a former defensive fortification that now provides the best angle for views down over the lake and olive groves, and the various miradores scattered around the ridges. While today the panoramic views mostly serve to delight tourists, in its day as a Moorish town they were critical military lookouts. With its natural defenses and strategic location between Seville and Ronda, Zahara de la Sierra was an important outpost.



Experience the luxury Spa treatment of a Hamman Turkish bath

Nature is a metaphor and a bridge which connects us at Hammam Al Ándalus. We will take some time to awaken your senses with warm temperature, cool water, light, aromas, sounds and silence, to invoke the state of calmness & well-being which is necessary in order to reconnect with who we are.

An experience like no other by reviving through the pleasures and needs of the body to stimulate spirit: The ancient Hamma baths, are a deep cleansing of the skin while soothing the senses. Using hot stones,  soapy foamy  water that hydrates & eliminates dead cells, cures impurities and aggressions, while using special  cotton gloves takes away is surplus to detoxify, leaving us as clean as newborn babes.

 The simplicity of corporeal ritual  has all the benefits by using all the elements form mother nature  water and its temperatures, the steam, the massage with aromatic oils, and above all care for the skin. This is recovery at a deep level that stimulates well-being. It is thus possible to fly towards the fullness of loving ourselves through the care of our bodies which releases the toxins, to feel uplifted uplifted & invigorated again.


City of Ronda

The historic quarter, reminiscent of the Arab age and with a medieval layout is scattered to the south of the Guadalevín, while more modern Ronda, the part which sprang up after the 16th century, unfolds to the north of the course of this river. Several bridges unite the two halves of one of the most interesting towns on the route of the Whitewashed Villages, in the heart of the the Ronda hills, only a few kilometres from the Costa del Sol.


The so-called “city of the castles” stands on a natural vantage point defended at its most accessible point by a citadel. It still preserves its walls and the most important gates which gave access to the city. The Almocábar Gate (13th century) provided access to the south side of the town, the Carlos I Gate dates from the 16th century, while the Exijara Gate led to the Jewish quarter. The old citadelOutstanding in these walled surroundings is the Gothic-Renaissance construction of the church of Espíritu Santo, ordered to be built by Fernando the Catholic to commemorate the reconquest of Ronda.

The whitewashed villages, of Arab origin, in the Ronda mountains combine popular architecture with striking natural surroundings. Other towns, however, are famous for their Phoenician ruins (Jimena de Líbar) or Roman remains (Acinipo). A Moorish essence, among olive groves and vineyards, is the distinguishing feature of Algatocín or Atajate. The Ronda region is located in wet Andalusia, where the variety of vegetation makes for spectacular landscapes, such as the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park, the Bermeja mountains or Sierra Crestellina hills. The Málaga coast is a step away, offering us a coastline where Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Marbella or Estepona are the most lively places for recreation.


We will tour the Alhambra Palace and magnificent gardens. The cave of Sacramento in the mountains where the gypsies sing and dance the flamingo. Magnificent cathedrals, take walks through the charming narrow streets of the cities filled will being touched by the fragrance of local flowers. Make friends with the locals experience their way of life. In the local tavern, Vinyard.  Rise to  stunning sunrises, oh yes and not to mention Yoga to bring the journey into a deep relaxing place in your heart..

Lodging at Lucia Retreat Center in Andalusia 

Fill your spirit with healthy holidays by immersing in yoga, connection, nature, fun and history. Come to disconnect and reconnect, relax, make friends, feel rejuvenated and eat healthy food. Enjoy the serenity of the retreat center while staying in luxury and fully equip accommodations. Between yoga classes and home cooked mediterranean meals, stroll through the natural landscape, hike to the top of a mountain or soak up the sun by the pool or on a day trip to the beach. Watch a breathtaking flamenco show, visit villages and towns full of history and culture, taste local olive oil and wine or tour a world class Arab palace. Come for the opportunity to develop spiritually, emotionally and personally.


8 Nights 7 days       EARLY BIRD SPECIA $2,355.00 PP

End date July 17th

$2,555.00 PP

Package includes 7 fun filled days retreating in Andalusia, Granada, tour towns of Seville, Ronda, Zahara, Spain at the beautiful modern resort center.

You can share a room or have your own private room.

(additional price for private room)

3 home made meals created by the chef on the grounds + snacks & drinks during the day.

Spanish beverages available, sangria & wine

Daily Yoga, includes Kundalini, Hatha, Yin. All is optional 

All are welcome from beginner too advanced.

5 Out door pools,

Daily excursions, are included in the pricing.

All transfers included

A La Carte 

Extra Spa treatments, Personal excursions

You are responsible for your airline ticket to Malaga airport.

Valid passport is needed. No visa is needed.

**Vaccinations may be required

I will provide my ticket information if you want to fly with me from West Palm Beach to Malaga Spain

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 To reserve your space a $500.00 deposit is required. Refundable  up until 90 days prior to departure date.

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For more information on flights, retreat center or any question please feel free to contact me at 908-721-6597 or 

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Please find in the following link the official information from Spanish Health Department:

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