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What people are saying about me...



Tracey is a bright light that shines far and touches deeply. Her         love of her craft and her experience in healings are                     contagious. She is easy to follow and stay connected to.

She offers alternatives and wants you to have the experience of what she teaches through who and where you are. ‘Hanging’ with Tracey is an honor and a joy! Thank you Tracey for sharing your love, intelligence and wisdom. You and your energy are beautiful.  🙏 Lisa 

       Thank you,Tracey, for sharing your knowledge, warmth, and 

strength.  Ten years ago, you planted the seed of kundalini yoga in me.  Since then, I have not met a teacher with your gift.  Your soothing voice, explaining the practice with deep knowledge, concern, and guidance is priceless.  Your inner (and outer) beauty projects peace and confidence - a teacher who is respectful and sends forth healing.  I am grateful  to you for extending your love and serenity to us.     

Lorraine Toto




Best yoga class, best teacher! Tracey O'Hara is the truly inspirational, compassionate taskmaster of this most powerful yoga discipline.  Her students leave every class transformed on many levels--more peaceful, yet energized, happier and healthier.  I've been practicing yoga for many years, but this class and teacher have revolutionized my life in so many ways--the allergies that have plagued me for years have greatly dissipated, I'm calmer and more "stress-proof", sleep deeper, better energy and  "deeper" meditations--just to name a few!  Her classes are appropriate for people of all ages and levels who want a better quality of life.

Pam Heinze



Tracey's Kundalini Yoga classes are one of the best things that have happened to me.  I was diagnosed several years ago with an autoimmune disease - scleroderma. I have been going to Tracey's class once or twice a week for 6 months. I have noticed increased energy, clarity and incredible endurance with ANY activity. I've also learned to focus on my breathing in everyday life, which intensifies the benefits I've experienced from taking her classes. I just wish I had found out about her classes sooner!!!!!




Tracey’s Kundalini yoga teachings, with her unique blend of postures, breathing, mantras and inspirations, has truly enriched my yoga practice and empowered the passions in my personal and professional life

 Barbara Bonar, Attorney



Daniel sent me the link to your Depression Kriya….Just wanted to let you know that I think its fabulous!!! I have done it twice from start to finish…and both times I had the same reaction….I can't believe how quickly it goes by…you have an amazing way of creating a meditative state…I feel wonderful after doing the video!!
Its a beautiful video of you….your warmth, kindness, spirit, beauty and wisdom shine throughout!!
Hugs and kisses!



Greetings Tracey,
Words cannot express the impact that your class had on me.  I was moved to tears during and after your class.  It is like kundalini via you spoke directly to my soul.   By finding you I feel like I found a peice of me.  I walked way feeling and saying that I found you.  I have been exploring various yoga styles and teachers looking for the one that I want to learn, embrace and teach.  I have had great experiences with each style and teacher.  But, I have never been so sure about a teacher.  I hope that this doesn't sound weird but, my body and my soul, not my head, tells me that you and kundalini are the correct choice.  I have never experienced this level of clarity before.
Thank you for your prompt response to my request and thank you for being you :-)
I look forward to getting to know you and to learning from you.
Light, Peace and Progress!




Good morning, Tracey...will you mail me the mantra from last night?  That was a powerful class for me--as I'm sure it was for others!  Definitely, felt the alignment between the hear and navel...felt my whole body fill with spiraling energy...I have always felt that energy intensely coming off my hands, but not as strongly through my entire body.  After we "car danced", I had a strong current of "electrical" energy shoot through to my third eye, and intense tingling in my head.   Do you like feedback like this from your students?  Anyway, I love you!  ARF! ARF! (that's my dogs appreciation for all the Snatum Kaur music being played in our house!)



I started taking Yoga with Tracey 5 years ago on Singer Island FL.  Tracey suggested that I sit on a chair, rather than the floor because I am a senior citizen.  Other students were on mats on the floor.  At first I could not do most of the postures, but with her help and encouragement, I became more agile.  Of course getting on and off the chair turned out to be a bonus because of the necessary movement for that act.  In addition, Tracey's philosophies and attitude made it a very pleasant, up-beat class.  When I would leave, I felt calm, cool, collected and capable.
My husband had lymphoma last year and had very little energy because of the chem therapy he was on.  He reluctantly started coming with me to Tracey's class.  Again, with her patience and positive attitude, he started feeling better.  In fact, he became "teacher's pet" and was quite successful with most postures.  He soon got strong enough to start playing tennis again.   He is 89 years old and will be forever indebted to Tracey.
With love, Anne

 Tami Daily Testimonial

I have been going to Tracey's Kundalini yoga classes for 10 years plus. When I first started I was new to yoga. After 2 months of going regularly, once or twice a week, I noticed an incredible shift. I am able to handle hurdles, downfalls, and the stuff life throws at you with a whole different psyche, balance. The breath work is incredibly uplifting, along with the terrific increase in vibration that you come out of each class with. There is no other teacher like Tracey and I feel very blessed to have her as my teacher, mentor.

Kevin Dobbs Testimonial
During our practices with  Tracey I get breath-work, meditation, yoga poses and spiritual principles to live by.  She not only shows me how to but she also includes why and what the benefits will be of the practice.  I put a lot into what she teaches and I can honestly state that I get even more out of them.  Being a pretty logical and practical guy I  can measure the benefits spiritually, physically and emotionally, within myself and within all my relationships with those around me.  My life has gotten  so much better in all areas that are important to me.  I find the classes very challenging which keep me coming back and is another way I measure y progress.  I could never thank her enough for all that her classes have help me with and to overcome.  My best way of thanking her is to continue to show up regularly and put in the work,  Because I believe in her and have the results to prove it.  
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