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Sat Kriya


Sat Kriya Sat Kriya is the Kriya of all Kriyas!!


If you only have a few minutes in your day Sat Kriya is the movement to do!


Sat Kriya is a complete action unto itself. Most Kriyas involve more than one pose or posture.


Sat Kriya will elevate you!!! Lift depression, and by this I mean absolutely improve your mood. We as humans suffer if we allow our first 3 chakras control us!!!!


It helps to strengthen the digestive systems to elevate digestive issues, raises the energy from the base of the spine, Strengthens the nervous system to help you deal with the issues that come in to play in your everyday life. This movement will also strengthen your heart and lungs. It will help you to conquer addictive behaviors and assist you in riding yourself of traumas form the past that are interfering in your life. So as you can hear it is power packed!!!!!!!


In practicing this movement we also Mantra the Sat Nam Mantra to help us stay focused and to tune into the mind lift the energy at the same time again we multi task!!!! Sat Nam Translates Sat Existence or Truth Nam- Identity or name (truth is my name I’m truth) so in essence this plants a seed into the subconscious to connect you into the truth of who you are Not who the Ego portraits you to be. The energy is driven by the navel point as we say the word SUTT we automatically inhale. The navel point is then pulled in and under the rib cage along with the pelvic floor as we say NAAM we exhale and relax and the diaphragm. This creates a beautiful wave like motion in the body!!!!!

As we create this wave like motion we pull the energy up from the base of the spine through each chakra. This is a very beautiful posture very powerful at the same time.


Lets try sitting on your heels in what is called ROCK POSE or in a chair. Or If Rock pose is not at all comfortable for you sit in Suhkasana Indian pose.


  • Spine is straight and tall from base to crown.

  • Together lets Inhale SUTT (as you say SUTT your inhaling through the mouth) pulling in and up on the navel as the pelvic floor lifts up………

  • Exhale NAAM as your body relaxes again SUTT pulling the navel in and up and the pelvic floor lifts with it………………………

  • SUTT and hold it there and focus on the feeling of the action………………..

  • NAAM relax. Let’s raise our arms up over our head………………………..

  • Inter-lace the hands with index finger up…………………….

  • Elbows are locked and close to the ears ………………

  • Eyes closed and focused on the 3rd eye……………………

  • With the same motion of SUTT pulling in and up NAAM relaxing down…………..

  • Again SUTT pulling in and up exhaling NAAM down......

  • Very sweet wave like motion. If you feel it in your knees your over working lets this be graceful.

  • Do this for 1-3 minutes and build up to 7-11-31 minutes.

  • You end this posture with the root lock/ mula-bhanda.  Relax for the same amount of time that you performed the exercise.


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