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Benefits of Mantra's

Man = is the root word in Sanskrit for mind.

tra = is the root word for instrument.


Mantra is an instrument of the mind a mantra is a coded sound or phrase or vibration , you can use to enter into a deep state of mediation. In Kundalini we work on the mind with Mantra’s as well as work on the body. Our minds are like broken records, constantly replaying the patterns of the past, in Kundalini we want to redirect the thoughts and create new positive pathways.Kundalini is based on getting quick results. During our practice we will concentrate and repeat the mantra SAT NAM along with movement and breathe. (MULTI TASKING YOGA.)


As we Inhale say SAT Exhale say NAM during and between every pose we are clearing our mind of deep seated stress and expanding the effect of the poses, as well as relating to our Higher Selves with every breath. We speed up our personal growth. Our minds are so hungry for this positive vibration, as if we were a dry sponge and starving for water. We use the tip of the tongue against the top of our mouth (pallet or hypothalamus gland) this action sends a sensation and vibration to the Pituitary gland or 3rd eye area (brow point) which is the Master of all glands. Endocrine system.


Mantra or chanting will shift brain activity to the frontal lobe which will improve your mood and create awareness.




  • 3 minutes of mantra will increase your Blood circulation and the Endocrine system secretions begin to flow.


  • 7 Minutes the brain patterns begin to shift and the Magnetic field surrounding the body becomes stronger.


  • 11 Minutes the Nervous System begins to clear and heal.


  • 22 Minutes the Subconscious mind begins to clear up.


  • 31 Minutes the Endocrine system starts to secrete and you balance out the Chakra system.


  • 62 Minutes the Frontal lobe of the brain is stimulated and the Pituitary and the Pineal glands secrete and you connect with your Divine self.

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