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10 Bodies


The Ten bodies of the human psyche are the yogic descriptions of what the perfected human being looks like and acts like. In order to be whole you must get to know all these parts of yourself and learn how to integrate and coordinate them. You can’t control the events around you, but you can control how you relate to those events. Instead of being reactive, you can use your ten bodies so that your inner peace remains stable. You know where you have negative, limiting programs about life and about yourself; you’re too fat, too thin, nobody appreciates you, I cannot do this or that, etc.


It's time to change what you pay attention to and focus on your greatness, your subtlety, your grace, your majesty. The psychic uplift you generate by focusing on your greatness will just burn up all that old pain!


The Three Mental Bodies:


1. Soul Body: The aspect with in each one of us that is connected to the Infinite; unchanging, non-reactive, never dies. To experience and identify with this Body is ideal.


2. Negative Mind: (the protective mind) Identifies possible dangers or shortcomings in a situation; necessary for protection.


3. Positive Mind: ( the projective mind) Inspires us by showing the best possible results in any situation.


4. Neutral Mind: (the meditative mind)Takes the information from both negative and positive mind and decides on the best course of action using unbiased, intuitive knowledge, the ultimate state of mind for success.


5. Physical Body: This body is the vehicle through which we participate fully on earth. It is perfected by balance in all the physical aspects: diet, work, play, and essentially avoiding extremes like laziness or fanaticism.


6. Arcline: Historically is depicted as the halo. The arc-line arches from ear to ear. Its color varies with a person’s health and mental or psychic condition. Women have a second arc-line reaching across the chest from nipple to nipple which Yogi Bhajan says gets imprinted with the sexual experiences she has had in her life.


7. Auric Body: The eighth chakra of the body, the aura, is the electromagnetic field of energy which surrounds every living creature. Kundalini Yoga kriyas and pranayama increase the auric field, thus increasing awareness. In yogic teachings, a woman is receptive to the penetrating quality of men. Even flirting can open holes in the aura, making a woman extremely vulnerable. A strong, radiant aura can protect from many misfortunes and strengthen our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.


8. Pranic Body: This body controls the breath and takes in life force energy of the universe. Energy, control over the mind, gives courage and healing power. Pranayama feeds the Pranic Body.


9. Subtle Body: This body carries the Soul to the Infinite at the time of death. It is the other Body with the Soul Body which exists after has physical form has disappeared. Often, we can project our subtle bodies beyond time and space to be at two places at once. The visions of saints and angels are their subtle bodies. It is that which although we are merged with the Infinite still exists uniquely through eternity.


10. Radiant Body: Gives spiritual royalty and radiance. A strong radiant body manifests as charisma. Their very presence works before a word is spoken. (To those who are in their negative minds it can be perceived as arrogance.)




Command Center


Your eleventh embodiment is the command center from where you orchestrate the play of the ten bodies. The eleventh is a function of numerology. It means the sum of the ten bodies. Whenever we talk about 11's in any of the positions, you have to consider all the 10 bodies.


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