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All my Chocolate is Organic & Stone ground nib/bean to bar for 3 days. It is a superior chocolate.

I can make, to order any combination of bar you desire. I offer 2 size bar, a 2.5 oz or 3.5 bar with exceptions becasue of variations from added ingrediants nuts etc.

The bars range from $6.00-$8.00

My basic in house varites are



Almond cerry-

Candi groats-


Candi Rose Petal-

Banana Ginger-


Coconut Mint.

Raw stone ground dark chocolate bar/ Almonds

  • Traceys Blisful Chocolate bars are 2 oz

    The Delites weights vary, we estimate each delite to weight .05-1oz. The 1/2 boxes will always be a liitle over never less then 1/2 lb.

    1/2 pound Delite box will include 10-13 pieces.

    1 pound Delite box will include 23-25 pieces 

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