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2- 90 minute sessions. 
True story: After my second session with a "Reset It" originator Marc Mathy's, I had a huge shift in understanding what was about to be a decision into a carrier change was based on my programs, conditioning & limited beliefs. I knew this was not a good decision for me & it would potentially  going to lead me into a situation that was going to be very unhealthy for me.
This was mind blowing to say the least, and here is the kicker I have been studying & teaching mindful
consciousness for 14 years & these 2 sessions blew all that I believed in out of the water. 
For me the next step was to take a training & become certified so I can share the powerful simple techniques of "RESET-IT" with you so you can also live your life without being controlled & dominated by the programming & conditioning that we all embody from being human. 
This is not to say I'm stepping away from all that I have studied & taught this method is an enhancement to it. "RESET IT"  this is a brilliant quick, & very easy to apply to your everyday life

Reset-it is a cutting-edge approach to personal growth

Reset-it's mission is to empower individuals to break free from limiting beliefs, programs, and conditioning, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

The program provides a results-driven and flexible pricing structure, making positive change accessible to everyone.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional value, Reset-it shares their in-depth understanding of the latest research and theories in neuroscience and quantum physics with their clients.

Through this knowledge, they are able to help individuals unlock a new level of clarity and take charge of their lives.

How we are all Programmed

Human programming refers to the idea that our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are shaped by certain patterns or ``programs`` that have been learned or programmed into our mind over time. These programs can be positive or negative and come from various sources such as family, culture, education, and personal experience.

How we are all conditioned

Human conditioning is the process by which our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are shaped by our experiences and interactions with the environment. It can occur through classical and operant conditioning, as well as the formation of habits. Human conditioning plays a crucial role in shaping our personalities, behaviors, and beliefs.

Being in the state of presence

Presence in neuroscience refers to being fully engaged in an experience, associated with focus and concentration. Presence involves increased activity in attention and self-reflection regions, and decreased activity in regions linked to mind-wandering and self-referential thinking.

Reset-it a personal growth program

- Helps individuals let go of unwanted aspects of their lives

- Empowers individuals to take control of their thoughts, emotions, and actions

- Improves mental and emotional well-being by overcoming negative self-talk

- Teaches individuals how to live in the present moment for greater focus and contentment

- Provides a powerful and transformative experience for personal growth and self-discovery

- Universally applicable to individuals regardless of age, location, or experience

- Benefits corporations and businesses by improving employee mental and emotional well-being.

 * We Guarantee results or your money back

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