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Sattva Yoga

 Sattva Yoga was birthed about a decade ago in India by Guru Anand Mehrotra. A radical yogi! 
Sattva is a perfect practice of modern meets ancient. Kundalini & Hatha merged. It has all the richness of Kundalini Yoga, (breathwork, mantra, meditation, locks and eye focus)  for  the transformational benefits, along with the movements of a gentle Hatha flow, Laya & Chi Gong

The Sattva Yoga practice is for both the Kundalini student that wants a little bit more Hatha (asana) and for the Hatha student the a wants a deeper spiritual practice that will raise their vibration to create the consciousness/transformation that purifies one's thoughts and releaves karma. This practice is a beautiful practice  that combines the 2 crafts to satisfy both of theses students. 

Why practice  Sattva Yoga? 

 Sattva Yoga will guide you into your best self. It will take you on a spiritual journey that is complete. Sattva embodies all the fundamentals of Kundalini, that raise your cerebral fluid (mystical definition is Kundalini) up to the crown of the head for the purpose of creating consciousness. The consciousness you experience helps you to become happier, healthier more energetic, creative and content. This is the reason I call my teachings, Loving life Yoga! 

During the class you enter into a state of mind that is blissful, clear, and pure. ( Sattva in sandskrit means pure) 

This state stays with you for 24-48 hours. This state assist you into gently shifting what is not serving you in your life to releasing it, through your consccious observation. It burns your karma.

I teach Sattva yoga on wednesday nights 6pm @ Fitnnes Oasis, in Tequesta Fl


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