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ReCoga Yoga®


ReCoga Yoga® is a blend of several ancient Yoga practices that collectively work together on the mind and the physical body that unites us to our spirit. This practice helps us recover from life issues such as; Stress, Anxiety, illness, Personal Losses, Relationships and Addictions. We are all at times recovering from some issue in life. In addition to improved emotional state of mind, the body will become more flexible, stronger and healthier. This Yoga practice stimulates and improves our body’s, Nervous, Muscular, Digestive, Pulmonary and Circulatory systems. The practice delivers fast results by balancing the seven energy centers in our body called Chakras. You will feel calmer, happier and healthier.


When the physical body and mind, each, multi-task at the same time with specific body movements and sounds that create vibrations, called Mantras, we become balanced and reach a calm state called the Neutral Mind. We will become happier, more at peace, more creative, more energetic, and have a more positive outlook on life for ourselves and in our interaction with others. ReCoga Yoga® practice has proven to help us live in this stressful world with more peace, joy and happiness.


Another tool for the 12 Step program. It will balance the Glandular system, Strengthen and Heals the Nervous system. Harness the energy of our Mind and Emotions, so we can be in control of ourselves rather then being controlled by our thoughts, emotions and feelings. We will work the Digestive system, balance out our Chakra’s so we have control of our personalities. Decreases depression and anxiety along with stress so we can feel Healthy, Happy & Holly along with increasing our energy. It will help you discover your real identity and experience your highest consciousness. ReCoga Yoga® is designed to be fast and powerful to give you strength and empowerment, to master your mind and deliver your values with integrity. It leaves you feeling Healthy and Energetic with a renewed enthusiasm for your life.Benefits of ReCoga Yoga®.


Benefits of ReCoga Yoga®:


  • Improves Mood Disorders

  • Calmness

  • Relieves Destructive Habits

  • Overall sense of Positivity

  • Emotional Wounds Stronger Digestive system

  • Helps eating disorders

  • Stronger Nervous System

  • Decrease Stress

  • Enhances Over all Health

  • Greater Flexibility

  • Stronger Back

  • Balances Chakras


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