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The Full Story


 Hello! Blessings, Namaste, I'am you & you are me. 

If you have opened up this tab because you are interested in something that is calling you to expand into your greatness!

Congratulations!! I applaud your courage.

I had a kundalini awakening in  2007 through a life & death experience. one of the messages I heard was to teach.

 I'am hear to teach you the path to your greatness through much-less struggle.  

I will tell you briefly how I arrived then I will guide you into how you can thrive. 

In 2007 I saw my own death because of an addiction I was intrenched in, I was dying on a floor just ready to pass when an angel clearly spoke to me and told me to get up & to serve ( what ever that meant) I suddenly awoke with a clear vision & technology as to how to clear my own mind of its afflictions. 

through the years of messages, massive pursuit & study in India I have cleared my monkey mind & I know I can clear yours to thrive in into your greatest passion. 

Through Breathing techniques & physical movements that clear the subconscious mind I will teach you to open yourself into accessing  your greatest abilities. You already know  them, I'am just going to push you into opening up the channels to tap into your greatness / magnificence  

I know this is very esoteric but you know the greatness of you, you just need the push 

Ia'm that push/ forklift 

I have helped hundreds of people step through their mental / physical blocks  to guide them into thriving into their greatness . 

I look forward to our journey together. 


Believe it or not I'am here to serve you in assisting you to catapult you into your authentic self. 

This was the message I received in 2007. From time to time I have a hard time with this message but time after time it has been shown to me that this is my mission & I'am in full acceptance . Its full filling to me to serve you

 The Vision

The  vision is yours, I'am here to show you the techniques that will help you get there. They where shown to me, so I could show them to you. The question is do you trust enough in you to trust me to guide you? 

Basketball Player on Wheelchair
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