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How to Order 

Welcome to my temporary website. Just a few details on how you can order your Raw Chocolates & Delites.

The website site is set up for you to order your chocolate by pieces, 1/2lb 1lb boxes. Nut butters or bars. Each piece has a price listed for each item


 Ideally, you would order enough pieces to create  1/2 box, (11-13 pieces) for $25.00.

Unless your purcahsing Chocolate Bars.

1lb box (23-24 Pieces) $50.00.

Nut butter $15.00.

If your going to pick your order up there is NO minimum (anything goes). 

*Minimum order for shipping is $25.00 plus shipping & handling. 


Please browse through the Chocolates and Delites page, click the choice or choices.  Follow through with self-pick up or shipping information. 

If you have any special occasion, such as Birthdays, Anniversary, Get well, Holidays etc.

If you have any questions about te chocolates themselves or an ingredient cocern, allergy questions please feel free to call me at       908-721-6597 or email 


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