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The the Go Go Goji bar is a pure enrgy treat/ delite 

It is created with Super Foods. Cashews, dates, cocoa nibs, coco powder, goji berries,,hemp seeds, chia seeds, fax seeds, cinnamon. Enrobed in organic stone ground chocolate. Perfect for breackfast, after work out, when you are reaching for something to sooth a cravin or emotion this is the GO TO bite, 2 Bites is all you need to feel totaly satisfied.  It is a boost of yummy-ness that provides energy & satisfaction.

$25.00 1/2 pound =11-13 pieces $50.00 per pound 23-26 pieces depending on weight of pieces  


Go Go Goji Berry Bites

  • Traceys Blisful Chocolate bars are 2 oz

    The Delites weights vary, we estimate each delite to weight .05-1oz. The 1/2 boxes will always be a liitle over never less then 1/2 lb.

    1/2 pound Delite box will include 10-13 pieces.

    1 pound Delite box will include 23-25 pieces 

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