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The pathway to change!!

Sadhana means a daily spiritual practice. The Sanskrit word sadhana, which is literally translated as “a means of accomplishing something,” refers to the consistent completion of an ego-transcending daily practice that catalyzes self-transformation.


Sadhana is a self -discipline that allows one to express the infinite with in one’s self. 


Sadhana is a discipline of the mind and Soul, it keeps the mind clear and heart open and guides our actions to alien with our essence (cleans our Subconscious).


This action is done in the Amrit hours before sunrise. We consciously choose to rise up to take a cold shower

(hydrotherapy) We do about 20 minutes of yoga and meditate, and mantra..


This practice of Sadhana changed my life because it changed my consciousness, The time varies but as a teacher I have a discipline of 1 1/2 hours. 20-30 minutes of yoga and 60 minutes of mantra.


For me this was a direct connection to my higher self and it peeled away my darkness/ karma. Aliened me with my best self and in the direction to my destiny.. This was my Pathway to Change..


If you want more information on this please email me at


May you be guided by your grace.


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