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Tracey's RAW Chocolate & Delites are just that all RAW!

  I have always had a passion when it comes to feeding people and they have always come back for more. Whether it was amazing 7 layer cookies, caramel ganache layer cakes, lasagna, or meatballs.  I loved cooking! I LOVE feeding people. I love making people feel good. Whether through yoga or food. 7 years ago, I had an epiphany while preparing for a dinner party. It was that I should be feeding my guest healthy, wholesome food, not the high fat and caloric foods that I was preparing. I wanted to cancel the dinner but went ahead despite my thoughts
 After an evening of feeling guilty I got up the next morning my husband and I decided to become raw foodies/vegetarians and prepare, for ourselves and others, healthy, nutritional foods that also taste amazing.
I have pursued that mission for the past 7 years by studying healthy nutritional food combinations that also taste great so you feel satisfied without feeling deprived. Yes, some of our friends were disappointed that we didn't serve the meats, cheeses, and sugar loaded deserts anymore, but most appreciated the value of high nutrition and delicious foods instead.
I pride myself on mastering my passions. I am self-taught, then took a flavor/texture combination course.  Started to really feel that my creativity open up and  we launched "Traceys Blissful Chocolates and Delites" 
It is off to a rapid success. These delites are handcrafted with pure love. They are natural, delicious and extremely beneficial for everyone's overall health and well being.    They will nature your body and brain because of the superfood ingredients created by brilliant Mother Nature. They are all made raw, which means low heat, to preserve the natural vitamins and minerals during the entire process. One of my missions is to re-educate people how to enjoy the foods that Mother Nature has so generously supplied us with 
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